Maxtrax Best Price – Use Our Coupon Code and Save $$

Maxtrax Best Price – Use Our Coupon Code and Save $$

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MAXTRAX are one of the most popular recovery items on the market and for good reason. They are reasonably lightweight, durable, proven and trusted within 4wd enthusiasts worldwide. They should be part of everyone’s recovery gear but what is the maxtrax best price.

Maxtrax Best Price

We have found the best price available on the net that also includes FREE shipping and 2 Bonus Lanyards. We will explain a bit about the maxtrax and things you should consider before purchasing. If you are somewhat in a rush, scroll to the bottom and for the exclusive coupon code.

Maxtrax Features

  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Made From Engineering Grade Flexible Nylon
  • They don’t Demand Much Room for Storing.
  • Available in a Range of Colors to Suit your Rig.
  • Easy To Use
  • Designed for Use on Sand & Mud
  • Stackable

How are MAXTRAX Made?

MAXTRAX are manufactured in Sydney, Australia. They are manufactured from a quality reinforced polymer nylon. Reinforced nylon provides superior strength, tougness and impressive resistance to harsh environments.

What Size Vehicle Are Suitable For MAXTRAX?

MAXTRAX can be used with just about every 4wd in the Australian market. MAXTRAX are technically designed for vehicles around the 3500kg mark.

Several people have used MAXTRAX for recovery on larger vehicles like unimogs etc with great success.

Maxtrax Dimensions:

115cm Long

33cm Wide

7cm High

How Long Do Maxtrax Last?

If you use your set of MAXTRAX correctly they should last you for a very long time. Be careful not to spin the wheels on the maxtrax during a recovery as it voids the Maxtrax Warranty. When you spin the wheels on your maxtrax it burns off the teeth and wont be as effective in a recovery scenario.

MAXTRAX Best Storage Practice

After you Buy Maxtrax Online and are out giving them a go for the first time, they will inevitably be covered in mud. Remember that once you are out of the bog and on safe ground it is important to clean your MAXTRAX. Cleaning off the mud while its still wet is a heck of a lot easier than when its dried. It may be worthwhile purchasing a carry bag or below accessories to keep the mud and sand out of your rig.

Don’t Forget These Handy Maxtrax Accessories

If you’re planning on finally purchasing a set of Maxtrax, it would be a good idea to consider getting the following accessories.

Maxtrax Mounting Pins

Maxtrax Mounting Pins


If you are planning to fix your maxtrax to your roof racks or aluminium canopy then these Mounting Pins will come in handy.

These Maxtrax Mounting Pins allow you to store up to 4 Maxtrax per set.

Maxtrax as you will soon find out can get incredibly dirty and hard to clean when out on the tracks. Keeping them mounted to the outside of your 4wd keeps things less messy.



Maxtrax Tread Replacement Studs

Maxtrax Tread Replacement Studs

Grab a set of Maxtrax Tread Replacement Studs with your purchase.

If you end up spinning the wheels and burning away some of the treads, simply replace them on the fly.

This is a great alternative to replacing an entire maxtrax and is very convenient when on long trips.

The Maxtrax Tread Replacements take up minimal room and can be thrown in the repair kit pretty easily.




Maxtrax Rear Wheel Mount

Maxtrax Rear Wheel Mount

The Maxtrax Rear Wheel Mount comes in handy if you want to keep your roof rack or canopy as clear as possible for other items.

The Rear Wheel Mount can comfortably carry up to 4 Very Muddy maxtrax to your rear wheel.

The Mount is fast and easy to install and provides easy access to the Maxtrax when they are needed for recovery.

The Maxtrax Mount is backed by their 2 Year Warranty.


Maxtrax Carry Bag

Maxtrax Carry Bag

If the above mounting options are not the right fit for your setup. Then why not consider a Maxtrax Carry Bag.

As you are very well aware, they get pretty dirty so having a carry bag can help keep the inside of your vehicle clean.

The bags can store a total of 4 Maxtrax when only lightly covered in mud.

You will struggle to get all four inside the back if filthy, so try and remove the majority of the mud before storing back in the bag.



MAXTRAX 4X4 Tips & Tricks – VIDEO by Ronny Dahl

Want A Set of Maxtrax? Don’t Want to Pay Full Price?

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Maxtrax Best Price

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Maxtrax Best Price

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