Portable Hot Water System

Portable Hot Water System

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When you are in need of a portable hot water system, the Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis is the arguably the rolls Royce within its field.

The coleman H2Oasis is lightweight, compact and a fully portable self contained unit that delivers hot water in seconds.

Whether your touring Australia or away for the weekend this Coleman portable hot water system will always ensure you have hot water at your fingertips.

The Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis is ideal for any application where hot water is required.

Whenever you need hot water, the HWOD H2Oasis will deliver every time.

The unit heats the water above 30C above ambient temperature that can reach a maximum of 50. It is powered by a rechargable lithium ion battery and has an LED display.

The HWOD has a single setting shower head with multi-directional head fitting. Buy It Now – $319.99


  • Heat up to 150L of water with one Coleman Lightweight LPG bottle (sold separately)
  • Heats water up to 30°C above ambient temperature reaching a maximum of 50°C
  • Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, ensures lightweight performance
  • Fast charging (includes 12V adaptor, 240V not included)
  • Will also operate on direct feed power
  • LED display with charge indicator light
  • Single setting shower head and Coleman’s unique multi-directional head fitting allows the user to direct water at any number of angles and heights
  • Heavy duty quick connect brass fitting, aluminium grab handles and high density ABS plastic construction
  • 6ft non-kink silicone hoses with quick connect fittings, easily connect to water source or directly to garden hose
  • Dual storage ports and handy mesh hose organiser makes for easy pack away


Weight: 8.5kg

Dimensions: 47cm L x 17cm W x 36cm H

Shower Hose Length: 1.8m

Material: High density ABS plastic

Pump: Electric

Fuel Type: Coleman LPG

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Run Time: Approx. 80 mins

Flow Rate: 2.3L/min


The Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis is covered by the Coleman 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

They Retail For $449.00 but we have found a much cheaper Price below. You Will Be Surprised

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