Motorised Esky – Best Price

Motorised Esky – Best Price

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Motorised Esky A Popular New Trend

Have you ever seen a motorised esky and thought yes please, well you’re not alone. This popular new trend is starting to make waves across Australia.

The esky was first imported by a company that decided to take a gamble that were located in WA. The gamble certainly paid off as they could not sell them fast enough.

The product is seriously good clean fun, but be mindful that when driving these esky’s on public roads is not legal. A man was recently charged in Sydney for riding his motorised esky in a public area.

Product Specs

As you can see above they are certainly a quality little unit with some impressive specs. These Coolers would be a great addition to take away camping for the weekend. Remember that you can still be caught drink driving while using the motorised esky.

Make sure you be careful when driving one of these as they can reach speeds of 35-40kmh. Obviously you want to avoid being injured and no one likes losing their grog either. These motorised esky’s are great fun and quite the novelty.

If you have the room in your backyard, try setting up a small track and set some time trials and the winner gets the grog in the Esky. Now don’t expect these things to be crazy fast, they only have a 49cc engine remember. In saying that they do eventually rack up a respectable top speed. See them in action below;

Motorised Esky - Check Price


Motorised Esky

Motorised Esky Spare Parts

If you accidentally stack your Ride on Esky, don’t panic. There are spare parts readily available on Ebay that can be easily replaced.

Thanks to the basic straight forward design doing repairs are not overly difficult.

If you’re not that handy a mower repair shop would be able to assist with any repairs you can’t do yourself.

Motorised Esky Maintenance

This small 4 stroke engine is pretty bullet proof, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore some basic maintenance.

After going through a few tanks of petrol make it a habit to check oil levels.

Remember to check your spark plugs after months of constant use and replace if required. Changing the spark plugs is dead set easy and similar to changing spark plugs on a whipper snipper.

Keep an eye on tyre wear and bearings and replace them as required to keep your powered esky humming nicely.

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When the 49cc Motorised Eskies were first imported by a company out of Perth they sold at quite the premium, but things have since changed. Now with the growing popularity a number of companies sell them all over Australia via ebay.

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Motorised Esky

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  1. Thank’s for the Coupon!! This Works as advertised.

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    Purchased this to run between my local footy ovals with gatorades! haha Perfect.

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