Review ARB Under Vehicle Protection

Review ARB Under Vehicle Protection

We Review ARB Under Vehicle Protection

ARB has responded to the markets need for under body vehicle protection by releasing their own range of products.

Each under vehicle protection system has been specifically designed for that model and the features consist of;

  • Mounting bolt that are recessed, protected and easily removed if required.
  • Each protection plate is made from zinc plated, powder coated in a silver textured finish.
  • The panels are designed to bolt directly to the vehicles chassis for improved strength.
  • 3mm Laser Cut steel for improved strength.

The main areas such as engine sump, steering, transmission and transfer case are all protected by ARB’s system. These areas are notorious for copping damage from driving on rocky or rugged terrain.

Each Set consists of either 3 or 4 panels that are bolted directly to the chassis that starts from the front and continues to the rear transfer case.

The majority of late model leading brands are suitable for ARB under vehicle protection.

Overall you cant go wrong with the ARB under vehicle protection system. It is built tough and engineered to provide your vehicle the protection it needs on rugged terrain.

Review ARB Under Vehicle Protection

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  1. Hi.

    Hello oil need to be changed often, have they ever thought about that? Ok we all know one piece is stronger the pieces bolted together but mate a small opening undr the oil nipple with small cover bolted on the plate with a smart design will not hurt. Ford ranger PX point of view is not simply off, the plate under the case is fitted with nine bolts. Ok the actual plate is awesome, very strong and look pretty nice.

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