Runva Winch Review – Read This Before You Buy

Runva Winch Review – Read This Before You Buy

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Runva Winch Review
Rating 4.4/5

My Runva Winch Review: What I Really Think!

We cover aim to answer all your questions regarding the Runva Winch brand in an uncensored review.

Some of the key features and and product specs might leave you surprised.


Runva Winch Feedback

Hi There, I’m Michael Kennedy a keen 4wder and guest blogger here at Aussie 4X4 Pro.

I currently own a 2016 Toyota Hilux, with lift, underbody protection, MCC barwork, snorkel and of course the Runva 11XP winch.

I live in Victoria and regularly go adventuring/4wding to the Victorian high country when time permits.

Runva Winch Parts
Vic High Country

Back in June, during winter months myself and 3 other mates all planned a long weekend up the Vic High Country.

At this stage my Hilux was pretty stock, it had some underbody protection, snorkel and a good set of BF Goodrich tyres but lacking bar work and winch.

We started at Jamieson worked our way to Wood’s point down to walhalla and then returned home.

The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, we saw some snow but luckily not on our tracks.

I love the vic high country because you always see something new and it offers so much diversity for the keen 4wder.

My Hilux did pretty well for most of the trip, there were a couple of very damp rocky ruts that had minimal traction.

My buddies had to give me a hand by recovering/winching with snatch blocks to get up a few spots.

This happened a hand full of times and got a little tiring/annoying towards the end of the trip.

It was shortly after that weekend that I decided to bite the bullet and get the barwork and winch so I can recover myself on our next visit to the high country.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On The Runva 11XP Winch…

Runva 11Xp Winch Box
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I was first introduced to the Runva winches by a close friend of mine Darryl who purchased one and installed on his GU Patrol.

He is mad as heck and is always trying to get up the most hairy of tracks around his area and up the high country.

I remember Daz bragging about the punishment he gave his winch one winter up the Vic high country just after the tracks had been dusted in fresh snow.

There was one track in particular (name escapes me) that called for the winch to be used for a solid couple of hours just to travel a couple of km’s.

Yeah… Daz is pretty hard on his gear, which is not my style but it did spark the curiosity to check out the Runva Winches myself.

What’s Included In/With Runva Winches

Each Runva Winch includes all necessary wiring looms, isolator, cover, solenoid, wireless remote, snatch block, fair-lead and bow shackle.

There are also very easy to understand instructions that’s included with every winch that covers just about 95% of install scenarios.

If you find yourself in a pickle you can call them direct if needed. They have excellent customer support should the need arise.

It look’s like they now include as standard a correctly rated synthetic rope an all of their winches. (Click here to see if it’s still included<<)

My Main Reason’s For Getting a Runva Winch

  • Very Low Failure Rate
  • Easy To DIY Install
  • Easy To Understand Instructions
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Personally Recommended to Myself
  • Doesn’t Overheat with Frequent Use
  • Considered the Industry Leader
  • Good Range and Well Priced
  • Best Warranty Going Around

The Cons:

A set of install instructions that cover every single install scenario should be included.

While their instructions cover around 95% of install scenarios a 100% comprehensive booklet would be most welcomes.

The Runva Company Background

Runva is a reputable international brand with a respectable distributor network reaching 50 countries. They consider themselves to be ‘Pioneers in winch Manufacturing’ with their main factory established in 1997.

All of their winches are manufactured under multiple stringent Quality control guidelines. The Runva brand has been operating for over 20 years and has experienced consistent year on year growth.

The Runva Winches are known for being exceptionally reliable and can withstand an absolute punishing on the tracks.

How To Install Runva 11Xp Video

Basic Runva Winch Maintanence

If you are not using the winch frequently, It is a good idea to pull a run of 6 or so meters out and wind it back up to keep everything moving freely.

Alway’s inspect seals and ensure everything is nice and dry in the right places.

Make sure you service your winch at least once a year or do a quick once over before you head out on a long trip.

It’s also important that you check your battery before you head away on long trips to ensure its in good shape.

If you can’t service the unit yourself an auto elec or local 4×4 shop will be able to assist.
Runva Winch Controller

Which Runva Winch is Right for Your Vehicle

The Runva 11Xp 11,00lb winch has enough pulling power for most large 4wd vehicles such as patrols, landcruisers, rangers etc.

BUT if you have an overly heavy vehicle and like to tow a camper you can always upgrade to the 13XP unit for extra grunt when you need it most.

But be mindful that your bullbar will need to be compatible with the 13xp as they are a step up in size.

Runva Winch FeedbackOverall, I’m really impressed with the Runva Winches in general and are excellent winches for their price.

I’ve now had my own 11Xp for close to 6 months now and personally given it a workout. Still going strong and no faults.

I highly recommend the 11xp and Runva Winches especially if you’re just starting to get into 4wding.

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Well, thanks for reading my Runva Review and I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below..


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