Runva Winch Review – Read This Before You Buy

Runva Winch Review – Read This Before You Buy

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Runva Winch Review

Before making one of the most substantial investments on your 4×4 make sure you do your homework. So with that being said lets get started on the Runva Winch Review.

About Runva

Runva is a reputable international brand with a respectable distributor network reaching 50 countries. They consider themselves to be ‘Pioneers in winch Manufacturing’ with their main factory established in 1997.

All of their winches are manufactured under multiple stringent Quality control guidelines. The Runva brand has been operating for over 20 years and has experienced consistent year on year growth.

The Runva Winches are known for being exceptionally reliable and can withstand an absolute punishing on the tracks.

Runva Winch Review
Runva 13Xp Premium

Why Should I Buy A Runva?

  • Very Low Failure Rate
  • Excellent Range Available
  • Reputable Brand – Backed by industry Best Customer Service.
  • Can Withstand HEAVY Frequent Use
  • Industry Best in Terms of Reliability

The Good:

When purchasing a runva winch the delivered kit is rather comprehensive. It includes cables, control box, fairlead, range of control box mounting brackets and wireless controller.

Pretty much everything you could possibly need to mount your Winch to your bullbar.

The Cons:

When unboxing the Runva winch, the layout in the box was a little bit unorganized. I know I am really splitting hairs here, but I like thing’s laid out in a well thought out way.

A set of install instructions that are Bullbar specific would also be a great addition.

There are detailed instructions on how to install but it’s more generic. Each bullbar is a little different. Not a big deal and was easy to work around.

How To Install Runva 11Xp Video

Our Thoughts On the Runva Winch Review

There is no debating that this winch is Built Tough. The rigid exterior that’s thoroughly sealed to prevent water ingress and large motor are top notch.

The Runva winch is delivered with a rope already fitted and a bunch of other brackets and accessories that are required for fitting/install.

The Runva Brand back all of their products with a bullet proof warranty. After searching many forum’s it is clear that if in the unlikely event of a fault, Runva will replace the winch without batting an eyelid.

In my opinion when spending your hard earned cash you want a Warranty that’s backed up by exceptional customer service.

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