Waeco CFX 40 Best Price – Use Our Coupon Code and Save $

Waeco CFX 40 Best Price – Use Our Coupon Code and Save $

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Waeco CFX 40 Best Price and product specifications. The Waeco CFX 40 is an extremely poular portable fridge commonly used for touring and camping.

Many 4×4 enthusiasts trust Waeco to keep their drinks and food cool on their journeys. You can see the best price for the Waeco CFX 40 by Clicking Here, don’t worry it takes you direct to where we promise.

Waeco CFX 40 Best Price

The Waeco CFX 40 has some impressive features that’s sure to impress the masses.

If you are a little impatient and want to get instant access to the limited coupon code, you may as well just scroll to the bottom.

If you would like to stick around, great. Lets cover what you get with the Waeco CFX 40.

Waeco CFX 40 Product Features:

The Waeco CFX 40 has some serious cooling power and can produce deep freezes up to -22 degrees.

The CFX on board electronics have an intelligent automatic turbo cooler and memory Function. We specifically like this feature, with a hit of a button your cooler will cool to your pre set temperature.

Very handy for meats, fruits or if you want to deep freeze meat etc. The Waeco Portable Fridges are all solar power friendly and draw minimal power.

Regardless of the outside ambient temperature the unit will produce consistent results with minimal noise.

The exterior of the unit is made with reinforced corners with industrial grade hardened polymer casing and stainless steel hinges. So you can say, its BUILT TOUGH, which is exactly what you want when tackling the outback.

The Waeco CFX 40 is easy to carry thanks to its practically designed removal handles. A very convenient usb port is located at the top of the unit which is ideal for charging smart devices.

A low current draw led light is used to illuminate your food or drinks when the lid is opened making it easy to find your food in the dark.

The unit can even be controlled by a smart phone application via wifi. Now, me personally that doesn’t really appeal to me, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

Waeco CFX 40 Insulated Cover

Waeco CFX 40 Best Price


If you are going to purchase the Waeco CFX 40 you should seriously consider purchasing an insulated cover.

Not only does it protect your (not so cheap) portable fridge from the elements, it improves the overall efficiency of the fridge and helps to lower power consumption.

The Insulated Waeco CFX 40 Cover also helps to keep out dust, sand and any unwanted moisture from entering into your fridge.

The extra bit of money you spend on the cover is certainly worth it in the long run.

Product Warranty:

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty For The Original Owner.

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Waeco CFX 40 Best Price

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