Wentworth Falls Walks and Nearby Camping

Wentworth Falls Walks and Nearby Camping

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The Wentworth Falls Walks provide some of the most stunning views on offer in Australia. Wentworth Falls is located within the Blue mountains and is around 96kms from the Sydney CBD.

Wentworth was first known as ‘Weatherboard’ taking after the Hut that was erected back in 1814, the town was later named ‘Jamison’s Valley’ by Governor Macquarie. It was only until 1879 that the town received the name ‘Wentworth Falls’ that we know it by today in honour of the famous explorer William Charles Wentworth.

Getting To The Wentworth Falls Walks

The Wentworth Falls Walks are a fair hike but you are rewarded for your efforts by the stunning views on offer. The two tracks that offer direct access are the National Pass Walking Trail and the Overcliff/Undercliff Walk. Be sure to plack a good set of hicking shoes and water. If the weather is untoward, take your time as the area can be quite slippery due to moss building.

Wentworth Falls Walks

The Wentworth Falls are an impressive 187 Metres high and tiered in 3 levels. If you look carefully around the nearby area you will find signs of of grinding grooves. These grooves were created by early human habitation that were sharpening rocks to be used for hunting.

Nearby Camping

If you’re planning to take your time exploring the wentworth falls area you can settle in for a few nights the nearby Ingar Campground.

Wentworth Falls Walks
Ingar Campground – Photo: Craig Marshall


The Ingar Campground has a total of 9 campsites available that are FREE of charge. Bookings are not available for the campground, so you had better get there early to secure a site. The campsite has Picnic tables, barbecue facilities, carpark and toilets. It is considered a fairly remote area so ensure you pack plenty of supplies for the duration of your stay.

There is a nearby dam on ingar creek thats ideal for swimming and canooing if thats your thing.

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