Free Camping WA – Must See Destinations

Free Camping WA – Must See Destinations

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Free Camping WA

Going on holiday doesnt always need to be an expensive exercise, when you plan correctly. Providing you have all your camping gear the only things that will cost are fuel, food and alcohol (optional). To help you determine your next Free Camping WA location see our top pics below.

  1. Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park – Yallingup

    This beutiful national park has some great sights and activities on offer. The area is also home to some of the Best surfing in WA if thats your thing. Entry is FREE and camping wont cost a cent. Be sure to check out some of the beaches and dont be shy to throw a line in as the fishing is excellent. This is also a popular 4wding destination and will test even the most experienced drivers. This is a great Free camping wa location thats high on our priority list of must visit destinations.

    Cost: FREE
    Location: Dawson Drive, Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282
    Activities: Bird Watching, 4WDING, Fishing, Abseiling, Hiking, Snorkelling, Surfing & Rock Climbing

  2. Cape Le Grand National Park

    Cape Le Grand National Park is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Western Australia. With wide open beaches littered with sunbathing kangaroos this location will not dissapoint. The water is a breathtakingly turqoise blue which makes it excellent for swimming, snorkelling and the fishing is pretty good too. The area has excellent views of nearby islands that can be visited by boat.

    Cost: $6 Entry – (Granted its technically not FREE but you can stay for 2-4 weeks for $6)
    Location: Found VIA Cape Le Grand Road, Esperance, Western Australia.
    Activities: Bird Watching, 4WDING, Fishing, Abseiling, Hiking, Snorkelling, Surfing & Rock Climbing

  3. Petrudor Rocks, Pithara

    Petrudor Rocks is a large granite outcrop with water holes at the base. It’s a wonderful picnic spot and a great place to see wildflowers and native fauna in season. The best time of year to visit is in spring and autumn and is a great place to take the family.

    Cost: FREE
    Location: VIA the Pithara East Road and then right onto Petrudor Rocks Road. Follow The Signs.
    Activities: Camping, Site Seeing, Bird Watching & Nature Photography.

  4. Lake Grace, Eastern Wheatbelt Region

    Lake Grace is home to some of the most stunning salt lakes, natural fauna and white rocks  in Australia. Sunrise and sunset has been said by past travellers as truly breathtaking, be sure to have your camera ready. On sunset a blue haze settles on the horizon over the blue lakes and generates incredible colors. Be sure to check in at the Towns Visitor centre to find out the history of the area and some hidden sights only the locals know about.

    Cost: FREE
    Location: Lake Grace, WA – On The Lake Itself. Follow Signs.
    Activities: Site Seeing, Camping, Bird Watching, Nature Photography & Rich in History.

  5. Balbinya Ruins, WA

    The Balbinya Ruins campground is considered (bush camping) so ensure you are well prepared. Bring firewood and sufficient supplies if you plan on a longer stay.  The area does not have any facilities on offer and is not managed by DEC.Cost: Free
    Location: 12.4 km south of the junction of Mt Ragged Track and Balladonia Rd.
    Activities: Camping, Site Seeing, Historic Site Seeing, Photography & 4wding.

    Before going on any camping trip ensure you have these Camping Essentials  sorted.

    We hope you have found our Free Camping WA suggestions of use Please Check Out Our Must Have Camping Items

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